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There’s not a good thing that will happen if you will not stop cheating on your girlfriend. Guys tend to think that they will always get away with cheating with their girlfriend but in many cases that are not true. People that have been cheating with their girlfriend suffer from […]

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One of my friends who knows that I work for London escorts is always surprised at me by asking if I have ever been in love with any of my dates out of the blue. She has just come out of a relationship and I think that she is looking […]

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I know that it is silly, but I get addicted to stuff easily. My latest addiction is to McDonalds. There is one on the way home from work, and when I finish my shift at Gatwick escorts of, I like to stop by. How did I get addicted to […]

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I decided that I wanted to find out what happened to my Colchester escorts career if I changed my hair color. For the last couple of years, I have been this hopeless bleach blonde at the escort agency in Colchester, London. I was never perfectly blonde, but let me put […]

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In every relationship, you have to show your partner how much you mean to them. When you found the love of your life; it makes your world stop to turn and keeps your heart beats faster. They say that when you already see the girl or man on your dreams […]

Dating and women: Deptford Escorts

There’s so much info out there about meeting dating and women. There is complete stories that you replicate, games you can play with, theories to learn, etc. However, it actually comes down to 2 items, and everything about picking and dating girls is in essence about both of these things. […]

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I arranged the sexiest night out for my wife How do you arrange a sexy night out in London? We get all sorts of requests at London escorts. Our escorts for couples is becoming more and more popular, and many visitors to London like to arrange special nights out with […]