The past does not matter to the London escort that I am dating.


I did not know what to do with myself and my girlfriend when I found out that she was cheating on me. As a man it really hurt my dignity to be fooled by a woman that I have my trust to. I should have be n smarter with how I spent my time and I just hope that there are so many people that would be able to calm me down. After we broke up I did not have a lot of motivation left inside of me. It turns out that this woman is the most important person in my life and now that she is gone I do not know what to do anymore. She has been with me for so long that living a life without her seems unreal to be. But still I have to live with it and try to understand that I have to change for the better. It’s the only thing that could keep me alive and I do not really have any other choice at this point. Since that horrible thing that has happened to me I failed to fall in love again. I just know that whenever I am with somebody new I would just risk myself getting hurt in the process. But when a lovely London escort from came around and try to ease the pain in my heart everything changed. This London escort was very kind and loving to me. I do not really know what I should do the next point of my life. From this point I am going to try to help myself to make something new with what little I have. This London escort is able to provide me with the happiness and distraction that I desperately needed. There is a very big hole in my heart that I do not know how to fix anymore. All that I hope is for me to get back on my feet again and learn how to love once more. The London escort that I am with has been a sweetheart for me. She always knew what to do in the situation that I am and she does not really care if she has to put in a lot of effort just to make me smile again. Having a person who is as good as this lovely lady is certainly hard to find. That’s why I am contented with this London escort because I know that we are the perfect fit for each other. She just knows that I am really thinking inside all of the time. Now it does not matter if I do not want to be hurt all over again. That’s why I have decided that it’s probably best if I just spend more and more time with the people that I can trust. Because it’s the safest way that I would be happy without getting hurt like I did in the past.

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