Recently I have been wondering if we really have to brand sexuality – Charing Cross escorts


It seems to me that we are all trying to put a label on everything and now we are beginning to do it to sexuality. The LGBT community seems to think that it is cool to have a label, but I think that it is all wrong. Not all of the girls that I work with here at Charing Cross escorts are completely straight, but they don’t make a big deal out of it.

Do we need to make a big deal out of sexuality? I don’t think that we do at all and the more we do so, the more discrimination we seem to encounter. By raising all of these silly issues like what toilet to use, I think that we have really made people who are guy and lesbian into a laughing stock. It could be that you are guy and a cross dresser, but do you need to make such a big deal about it. You still have the same human rights as anybody else.

I dated a guy recently here at Charing Cross escorts from who told me that he enjoys going out with his cross dressing neighbour when he is dressed as a woman. He said that he looked nice, and he did not have a hang up with going out with him at all. They don’t kiss each other or anything like that, but they do like to have fun together. I am sure that a lot of people make too much fuss out of all of this, and we should not take it so seriously. We meet all sorts here at Charing Cross escorts.

When I was younger, I did not even know that there are so many different sexualities. It was not until I joined Charing Cross escorts that I started to notice that people have all different tastes. I know that I should not be judgemental, but do these people actually know their own sexualities. Some of them just seem to be jumping on the bandwagon and play follow the leader. The next day they flip and adopt some other kind of sexuality.

What worries me in particular are all of the young people who claim to have discovered their true sexuality. I am sure that 14 years old don’t really know enough about sex to really figure out if they are gay or lesbian. When I was that age, I was still busy exploring my own sexuality and I am sure that this is what these young kids should be doing. One of the girls here at Charing Cross escorts came out as lesbian last year. The funny thing is that she does not have a lesbian lover and keeps dating guys at the escort agency. It does not really make sense to me, and I have to say that I find it all a little bit weird. Perhaps adult are making it worse for youngsters by coming up with all of these fancy new brands or labels.

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