I am addicted to McDonalds

I know that it is silly, but I get addicted to stuff easily. My latest addiction is to McDonalds. There is one on the way home from work, and when I finish my shift at Gatwick escorts of https://charlotteaction.org/gatwick-escorts, I like to stop by. How did I get addicted to McDonalds? It all started with one of their loyalty cards for coffee. Like so many other people in the Uk, I just love McDonalds coffee. I went with one of the other girls at Gatwick escorts, and we were given loyalty cards for their coffee. It did take me long to fill up my card, and get my free coffee


After that, I became a loyal McDonalds follower. I have got their app on my phone, and on Saturday when I am not at Gatwick escorts, I always pop in for my lunch to one of the larger brunches. It has sort of become my own tradition. I know that posh burgers are becoming popular in London, but I would rather have McDonalds. They have got so many great offers, and I have never been disappointed in a burger that I have eaten with the chain.


The other thing I really like, is that you can order salads and stuff like that. You don’t have to have burgers all of the time, and even if you fancy a big of fries, they are happy to help you. Of course, not all of the foods are good for you, but in fact some of them are healthier than eating a sandwich out. I was telling of the girls at Gatwick escorts that some meal options contain less salt than a Boots salad. She is addicted to Boots Meal deals, and I am addicted to McDonalds.


They also have give aways and other competitions in store. Every spring they have a Monopoly game that I am seriously into, and I spend extra time and money just to do the Monopoly game. I have actually won some good prices, and that is why I know that it is worth spending a little bit of extra time and money in the store around that time. Have I put on weight since I became addicted to McDonalds? The girls at Gatwick escorts told me that I would put on lots of weight but I honestly haven’t.


I know that McDonalds food is not exactly fine cuisine, but I have even met some of my gents in the local one. They love to enjoy a date with me and then go to McDonalds. Apparently it seems that they get very hungry after hooking up with me for a Gatwick escorts date.  I really can’t think what I do to make my gents so hungry… They all say that they need a quick fix to get their energy back. As they all have the same problem, I think that I need to have a little think about what it is that I do that makes them so hungry.

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