Boys only want to have sex

Elaine, one of my best friends of all time, brought up a very good topic the other day. She is a smart cookie who works for Paddington escorts services, and spends a lot of her time contemplating life. Yesterday we ended up chatting about boys and sex, and how boys always seem to want to have sex. Before she joined escorts in Paddington services, she used to have this boyfriend who just wanted to have sex all the time, but she wanted to do other things. I can remember my boyfriend when I was younger also just wanting to have sex all the time.

It is true, boys do want have sex more often than most girls and like I explained to Elaine, it is down to their hormones. Paddington escorts probably know a lot about rampant hormones, but when we are younger things are even worse. Most boys brains are not very good at regulating hormones and sometimes they can’t do so at all. A couple of the escorts in Paddington who visited the office, commented that nothing changes but it does. We eventually get better at controlling our feelings and this affects our hormones, but it does not always happen.

The human body is a complicated machine, and I explained to Elaine and the rest of the

Paddington escorts that hormone production is controlled by the thyroid gland. But the problem is that the thyroid gland is controlled by the pituitary gland and hypothalamus. A lot of the things that we do can affect especially the pituitary gland, and the Paddington escorts were surprised to hear that fluoride in our water can damage the pituitary gland. This will in turn affect our hormones production, and may lead to hormonal problems. It is often associated with increased testosterone levels which is what controls boys sexual activity. Anything out of balance can lead to problems.

I remember when I was young that I often wanted to do something else instead of having sex, and the Paddington escorts must have felt the same way as the nodded in union. Talking your boyfriend into perhaps going shopping instead of cuddling in his bed all day was hard work. I often found it was easier to suggest something like a sport activity instead. Boys do like sport, but do you know why? Sport simply gives them another way of use up some of that testosterone which is surging around in their bodies.

In the end I realized that it isn’t that easy to be young, and my Paddington escorts friends agreed with me. It was a bit of a nightmare at times, but things seem to get better once you are a bit older. When you get up in your 20’s, things start to ease off and your hormones are less likely to be so rampant. Hopefully by then, your brain is telling you that you need to do other things rather than having sex all the time. But then again, it was nice to have a lot of sex.

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